Six Students Involved in Hazing Expelled from Waverley College

Waverley College
Photo Credit: Google Maps

Six students involved in a hazing incident at Waverley College have been expelled from the Catholic private all-boys school, school principal Graham Leddie has confirmed.

The incident apparently happened in late October between a group of Year 7 and Year 9 kids. Mr Leddie acknowledged that the younger students “provoked” the Year 9 boys and displayed “silly behaviour” by throwing fruits during their lunch break. 

However, the school authorities believed that the older boys “completely disproportionately” responded to the provocation thus the incident got out of hand. The principal said that the silliness turned into an assault and humiliation, even as most of the younger victims were actually not involved in the provocation. 

Waverley College
Photo Credit: Waverley College/Facebook

Mr Leddie said that the response was “unacceptable on every level” thus the school made the right action to cancel the enrolment of six Year 9 students, following an investigation. He was made aware of the hazing by some of the parents of the Year 7 students and immediately suspended those involved. 

According to reports, the Year 9 boys used belts to beat the Year 7 boys, who were also ordered to lick the shoes of the other kids or bark like a dog. The hazing happened inside a classroom that had no CCTV. 

Some of the parents also spoke with 2GB radio host Ben Fordham and said that this has been a “systemic problem” in Sydney’s private schools. One father denounced the actions of the older kids, saying they were “gutless” for picking on students a lot younger than them. 

Waverley College has initiated appointments with a psychologist for the students. NSW Police was also made aware of the incident after a parent went to the police station to file a report.