What Makes Waverley Community Garden Popular with Green Thumbs

Waverley Community Garden
Photo Credit: Waverley Council

Amidst Eastern Sydney’s concrete jungle is a healthy and thriving space beloved by many green thumbs. Tucked away within the grounds of Clementson Park is the Waverley Community Garden, where plant lovers eagerly await their plot allocation.

The community garden has 45 plots but most of these have been claimed by local families and garden groups. At least three plots, however, are for communal use and as a standard procedure, propagators take turns to use the plot to grow their crops. 

Locals enjoy growing produce at the Waverley Community Garden because it has been properly set up for nurturing all sorts of plants. A rainwater tank ensures that the plots are moist whilst the soil is kept healthy using compost materials. The garden has its own worm farm for the soil as well and there is a marsh nearby that serves as a home for frogs. 

The fence line of the community garden has an abundant row of rosellas, limes, and lemon myrtle. Every month, garden groups host activities to train better gardeners through educational hands-on workshops. Some even bring working bees to help with the propagation. 

Photo Credit: Google Maps
Photo Credit: Google Maps

The Waverley Community Garden became so popular that inter-suburb residents have tried to claim it for their own use. Thus, members that care for the garden for more than a decade have come up with strict criteria for plot ownership and it’s reserved strictly for residents.

“The purpose of the community garden is to provide residents who have little or no access to a garden, an opportunity to undertake their own food production, share gardening tips and engage in intergenerational learning,” the Council said. Applications to become a member of the community garden are ongoing.