60 seconds with Alistair Sutherland

How old were you when you first stepped on a boat?I must have been about 12 years old – sailing on a Topper in the Lake District in the North of EnglandIf money (and sailing ability) were no limit, what boat would you buy?505 – so many strings to pull, so little time!What is your ultimate sailing goal? At the moment I aim for top 3 in any DBSC race I sail in.  Given the depth of the Radial fleet at the moment, that goal usually disappears over the horizon on the way down the first reach…………..Tell us the story behind the name of your Laser? Iron Buddha.  In Chinese it’s pronounced “Tie Guan Yin”, and if you order it you’d be presented with a cup of tea.If you could add any ingredient to DBSC’s world’s best toasties – what would it be? I’ve never eaten anything that can’t be

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