60 Seconds With John Chesterman

Even though John won the Club Person of the Year award at this year’s AGM, he is still a man of mystery to some. Here’s your chance to get to know him a bit better. 1. How old were you when you first stepped on a boat?As soon as I had the lung capacity to blow one up. 2. If money (& sailing ability) were no limit, what boat would you buy? A Moth. NOT going to happen. It’s mostly the latter problem.3. What is your sailing goal?To make it to the club more often.4. Tell us the back story to your laser’s name?Finn Alexander has a better idea of that. I bought it from a guy that bought it from one of his mates. I think seeing ‘Derek’ brings back fond memories for Clare so haven’t changed the name.5. If you could add any ingredient to our already world’s best toasties –

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