60 Seconds With Mark Crowhurst

For our second instalment of our getting to know you game, we’re featuring Mark Crowhurst.1. How old were you when you first stepped on a boat?Too young to remember – I spent my youth on the water in one way or another.2. If money (& sailing ability) were no limit, what boat would you buy? The Laser just 1 number newer than Andrew Cox’s3. What is your sailing goal? I have a vendetta to resolve after my last minute and dramatic loss in the Tyrell 2019.4. If you could add any ingredient to our already world’s best toasties – what would it be?Jalapeno5. What are your second/third favourite hobbies (obviously assuming sailing holds the #1 spot)I didn’t know I was meant to have other hobbies?6. Describe what you do for work in less than 5 words? Computer Programming Consultant7. What’s the maximum number of toilet rolls you’ve held in your household post 01

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