60 seconds with Quentin Burns

How old were you when you first stepped on a boat?11 years oldIf money (and sailing ability) were no limit, what boat would you buy?An America’s Cup 75What is your ultimate sailing goal?To Have FunTell us the story behind the name of your Laser?“On Fire”- My surname is BURNS!If you could add any ingredient to DBSC’s world’s best toasties – what would it be?Nothing. They are perfect as they are.What are your second/third favourite hobbies (assuming sailing is #1)?Music, SkiingDescribe what you do for work in less than five words?SchoolWhat is the first international destination you will travel to (once we’re allowed) and why?Wherever there is wind and a Regatta!What is your favourite TV show, movie, and/or book?’Tallyho’ Boat BuilderTell us something interesting about yourself that members of the club don’t know? I play the Saxophone.

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