A VYC Goodbye

Open letter to D.B.S.C.Hello Dene – We at Vaucluse Yacht Club, will miss you, and wish you and Andrea all the best for a safe, healthy and long retirement.It has been a wonderful relationship between the DBSC and VYC over the years, assisted in many ways by your good self.I especially remember your generous offer in building for us, our own base station at VYC. We only asked you about it once and the next time we met you had it all built and operational. We also remember your input, when we were having the occasional ‘scrap’ on and off the water. Please feel free to drop in on us at anytime and we’ll make you feel very much at home.Best Regards,Neil, Tink, Micheal, Stacky, Avi, Tony, Olly, Et.al.Vaucluse Laser Fleet 

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