Acquired Resilience Conference at DBSC

Jonathan Stone will be hosting a conference at the clubhouse from March 9 – 11. They will be using the deck, and the northern part of the Clubhouse. Please respect the order of the meeting, but if you want to sail on those days, that’s great. Give Jonathan a bit of warning by emailing him HERE and he will help you get your boat out at a good time. The change rooms and workshop will remain accessible; just please be quiet while the meeting is in session.The Conference itself is quite fascinating. Please read the details from Jonathan (and find out how you can attend) below. After long planning, with welcome Club support, this meeting is nearly here. It is called AR2020.AR stands for ‘Acquired Resilience’, a new concept in human health. It’s a bit like acquired immunity – the body system that upregulates the immune system in responses to pathogens like viruses.

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