Big Boat Bash Honours Jonathan Stone

Written by Jonathan StoneThe weather dawned clear and sunny with a fresh, cold westerly breeze. It looked fair for a cold, end of season race, to end the season.But, the BOM and websites like Seabreeze were predicting a southerly squall at start time. The PRO had promised a go/no-go decision – but on the day, close to race time. In the event, the weather predictions did not shift; reports from the south coast showed winds of up to 35knots on their way; radar showed that heavy showers were part of the front. 

Sunday’s Wild Winds.

So – the race was cancelled by email, at 10.00am. The wind built from 10.00 am and the front arrived just after start time (1.00pm), with gusts >30 knots and heavy rain. Instead we had a great barbecue –

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