Big Boat Race Report

Written by Chris BowlingThree boats, moderate southeasterly, much better weather than the previous Sunday when there were gales and widespread flooding. Our timed start without a start boat seemed to work well.  We all have watches set to exact time.  Corinna was first away but with G-Force threatening to sail over the top. It was Chenonceau who powered into the lead but Corinna found a little private lift to round Point Piper first.  Chenonceau hit the mark and did a 360 and G-force had to tack for the mark, leaving Corinna with a handy lead. The run and reach to Sow & Pigs was all about waterline length.  G-force tried a spinnaker but dropped it too late at the Taylors Bay mark, giving up time and going slow on a possibly dirty bottom. Chenonceau created an overlap to round the Beashel buoy first but when the reach to Shark Island became a work Corinna made the

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