Big Boat Report

Written by Chris BowingFour boats reached the starting area on a beautiful sunny first day of spring.  Sincere thanks to David Devlin for giving us a boat start and taking lots of photos.In a dying NW zephyr, Corinna made the best of the start at the Clark Island pole, with Sanity and G-Force downwind at the boat end.  Smitten, crewed mostly by small children, missed the start and elected to go cruising.  But the speed of the larger boats soon saw Sanity in the lead with G-Force second at Point Piper.  Sanity continued to pull ahead but Corinna made the best of the wind shift to NE and was still right on G-Force’s stern at Bradleys.On the work to Sow and Pigs, Sanity danced away and G-Force found good speed to pull a big gap on Corinna.  On the run home nobody flew spinnakers – G-Force for crew reasons, Corinna for medical reasons – but G-Force made remarkable ground to finish within 2 minutes of Sanity. Corinna limped in much later.A pleasant gathering on the deck finished a sunny,

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