Bin Your Waste Properly

We know it’s not glamorous, but we need everyone’s help to ensure the right stuff is going into the right bins. It may seem simple but sadly it’s not happening. We have three different types of bins:The BLUE bins are special “return and earn” recycling bins through which we earn money. The only items that can go in these bins are empty plastic bottles which have a readable barcode (i.e. water, sports drink, etc.) or beer bottles with readable barcodes on labels. Do not crush the bottles and cans as that makes the barcodes unreadable. These items cannot be co-mingled with other types of garbage. NO wine or spirit bottles are permitted. The blue bins should always be inside, except on the rare occasions they are full and are put out for collection.  The YELLOW bins take recyclables not included in Blue bins, including wine and spirit bottles, paper, and cardboard. Please make sure to flatten any boxes.The RED bins are for non-recyclable

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