Boat Hoist

It has been a while since the DBSC’s Centre of Engineering Excellence has sprung into action. Club regulars will notice that the CoEE has been re-energised to deliver a piece of equipment that should bring a smile to the faces of a few off-peak sailors whose boats reside in rack positions two to five.The club has been exploring the idea of a boat hoist for several years and has now found a satisfactory solution owing to a suggestion last year from Tim Heath and the ingenuity of Rod Barnes and the assistance of Geoff Kirk.Introducing the DBSC Boat Hoist!Please note, club members are not permitted to use this equipment until they have received training. Rod will be conducting an induction session at 7pm on Wednesday 30 June. Please email Rod directly to advise him if you intend to attend.Many thanks to Rod Barnes, who has spent many hours behind the scenes

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