Boat Repair Day

Have a bent bailer or a cleat that popped off in the last race of the season? Then our Boat Repair Day is for you. The annual fix up is happening at 9am on Sunday, 1 September. This is a day when some of our handy members have volunteered to help with minor repairs to hulls and foils. Major work will need to be outsourced. Generally we recommend purchasing new spars and sails rather than repairing old ones. Depending on the work required and the cost of materials and parts, there may be a charge applied. If you’re one of our skilled members who’d like to help and are willing to assist with repairs, please contact Ian Alexander HERE. If you need help with repairs please contact Craig Sheers HERE, outlining the work required so that Craig can obtain materials. Thanks to Craig Sheers and Ian Alexander, and everyone else who volunteers, for providing this very helpful service!  We encourage you to sign up and make

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