Canteen open for business!

Good news for all those experiencing withdrawal symptoms from our “world famous toasties” – we will be opening the canteen this weekend! Please note, there will be new protocols in place and it is important that everyone observes them.NO ONE IS TO APPROACH THE CANTEEN OR ACCESS THE FRIDGE NEAR THE CANTEEN. There will be an ordering station set up in the park and a canteen volunteer will take orders and radio them to the canteen (“Double Bay, Double Bay – 1 toastie with the lot. Over.”).  The ordering station will also have an esky full of drinks to allow you to purchase your drinks there too. There will be NO CASH – all orders will be written up in the tab-book by the canteen volunteer, and you will be invoiced periodically throughout the season.We are excited to have the canteen back in operation and are delighted to have Paul and Shirley back

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