Clarification – Paul Adam on Historic Response Boats

Two weeks ago we published an article about the launch of our new RIB. In that article we incorrectly reported that Paul Adam reminisced about DBSC’s old wooden response boat. In fact, the boat was not wooden. We apologise for the mistake. Here’s more on the boat from Paul:When I first joined the club the ‘Bobby Reid’ was the response boat. It was a small red inflatable which in a previous life had been a surf rescue boat – I believe it was at Bondi. As a surf rescue boat it was steered directly using the throttle handle. We fitted a wooden plank towards the front of the boat tied to the tubes and installed wheel steering. There was no padding on the plank so driving into waves, bouncing on the plank was ‘uncomfortable’. Bobby Reid was a Double Bay character and provided a variety of assistance around the club.The

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