Class Rule Change Okayed

80% of sailors voted “Yes” in the recent class ILCA rule change ballot to modify the definition of a builder. A 2/3rd vote for the change was required for it to be carried. The turn out was particularly high in all the Australian Districts with 2/3rds of our members casting a vote – so thanks to everyone who took the trouble to vote. 

Information on the ballot outcome is on the ILCA web site HERE. 

As was predicted the Laser builders and trade mark holders, due to their divergent commercial interests, did not reach any agreement to World Sailing’s new FRAND supply arrangements by the WS deadline of 1 August. Thus the change to the class rules (ILCA’s Plan B) and the “Yes” vote have saved the day for Laser Olympic retention.

ILCA still has a mountain of work before it to deliver on the new WS Olympic agreement and the new FRAND equipment

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