Clean Up Australia Day 4 March

Calling all volunteers who enjoy a clean environment! I’ve spent the past few weeks driving around the pristine Tasmanian Countryside enjoying the ‘freshest air’ on the planet, and so I’m inspired to clean up the environment surrounding our club. On Saturday 4th March from 10am to 12pm, members (and guests) of Double Bay Sailing Club will be conducting a clean-up of the foreshore, park lands and local roadways near our club in Double Bay. Trevor Potts (member) will be at the club house at 10am with all the CUAD materials, sign-on sheet, and a short safety briefing. Please arrive by 10am.  We are also asking volunteers to download the EyeSea app and use it to upload photos of rubbish on the day. It’s simple to use. Take a photo and upload it to the app.Download for android: for iOS: recommend you wear sun protective clothing and bring protective gloves

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