Clubhouse Closed Due to COVID-19

As you no doubt know, in the last 48 hours the federal and NSW governments have put in place very restrictive guidelines to stop the spread of coronavirus. On Monday, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian had this message, “If you can do everything from home, you should. It is only in the exceptional circumstances that you should leave home.” A strict Public Health Order was enacted late on Monday night, which, in part, states, Community Organisations must not be open to members of the public.The interpretation on what this Order means for a club like DBSC is up for debate, but the spirit of the new legislation is clear – people should stay home unless it’s essential to go out. In light of this new Order and to aid in preventing unnecessary activities outside of the home, we are immediately restricting access to the clubhouse. The clubhouse is now closed to all members until further

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