Clubhouse use this week (Tuesday to Thursday)

Jonathan Stone is hosting a function at the club this week with the Society for Acquired Resilience.He writes:Dear fellow members, sailors.Later this month (September 27 – 29 to be precise) another scientific meeting will, with the permission of the DBSC Management Committee, be held at the Clubhouse. It is a sequel to a meeting held in 2020 (March 9 – 11), just before the COVID lockdowns began.The theme of the meeting is ‘healthy ageing’. There will be ~ 25 presentations from scientists around the world on a phenomenon known as ‘acquired resilience’, the way everyday stresses (like exercise, hypoxia, hunger, solar radiations, and toxins in plants) induce measure improvements in the health of – anyone. Because the young enjoy the resilience of youth, the benefits of exercise, diet management and light-used-as-therapy are more marked in older people. But the benefits can be measured in the young and can be powerful

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