Competency Success

DBSC was busting at the seams early on Saturday morning, with over 70 members attending our first ever Competency Training. The members visited 5 stations to be trained on a variety of duties. Along the way we learned to set courses, run races, record results, launch and drive our boats, rescue lasers, use the radios and deal with life-threatening emergencies.Special thanks to all the trainers including, Pippa Batchelor, Dene Bergman, Mark Bethwaite, Andrew Cox, Gerry Donohue, David Huber, David Murphy and last minute ring in, Pat Levy. Their diligent preparation translated into engaging and insightful presentations.  If you missed any of the training, or would like to review the presentations again, they are now available to view online via the following links:Deliberator Use / CPRCourse Setting and Race ManagementRIB LaunchEmergency Response and Incident Management PlanOff-water COTD ResponsibilitiesRadio Operation

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