Drastic solution to a simple, but intractable, problem

 A special essay, by special invitation from our former Commodore, from our special former club secretary, Mr Peter P. Dobrijevic BE MBA DipLaw.  Release the hound….PROBLEM:It is impossible to maintain DBSC’s position as the leading Laser club in the world when our National Trust recognised premises have the appearance, presentation and odour of a third rate Portuguese bordello.  Unfortunately, a small but growing number of members treat the clubhouse like their girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s/non-binary partner’s flat in the week before they ditch them via a text message.  Comrades, as of today, IT STOPS!SOLUTIONS CONSIDERED AND DISCARDEDThe number of solutions considered and evaluated by your club’s progressive politburo included:Scheduling regular 2 hour individual interviews with Dear Leader who will likely repeatedly stress over the time that you will not win even one world championship without committing to organisation norms of behaviour; and/orLaunching a reality TV show where a weekly viewer vote would see

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