Festive Racing This Saturday

This Saturday we have our famous once-a-year Tyrell and Rousso races, which are super fun formats. The Tyrell is a handicapped chase, with the slowest boat starting first and successive faster boats hunting each other down as they start over the next 5-10 minutes per their handicaps. The format makes for what is perhaps the most competitive and exciting race of the season!  The Rousso is a scratch race with a massed start, in which all boats in all classes start together – a yardstick is applied to the winner in each of the classes to determine the overall winner.  By tradition, everyone wears a Santa hat – however they have gone missing. Does anyone know where at the clubhouse the Santa hats have been stored? They were last seen in a plastic bag hanging in the bathroom. If you do know please let Commodore Cox know HERE.We will hand the hats out on the

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