House Rules

DBSC is proud to be a 100% volunteer-run facility. Members give up their spare time to ensure that we have boats for racing/rescue, hoses for washing, a tidy clubhouse, cold drinks in the fridge, empty bins etc. etc. There are no magic fairies that come in after we’ve all left to fix all the broken things and pick things off the floor. Until someone volunteers to be that magic fairy, we all have to do our part in keeping the club in tip-top shape for the benefit of all members. Here are some simple steps to achieve this:If something breaks or stops working, report it.Things break/fail all the time and we don’t care how or by whom, but we do care if it is not reported. This could be a hose fitting, a dolly, an engine, or even a lightbulb. If we know about it, then we can arrange for

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