JJ Giltinan trophy begins this Friday

The competition for the 2023 JJ Giltinan Trophy – the 18s world championship – starts on Friday 3 March and runs to Sunday 12 March. Monday 5th and Friday 10 are lay days, which may become race days if earlier races had been abandoned. You may have noticed the two German boats which have been here for some time, and an increase in number of boats practicing during the week. In the run up this week there are likely to be more 18s in the park, training or dealing with repair and maintenance issues. ┬áStarting from 2 March there will be additional, special event garbage bins in the rigging area, and there will also be security in attendance at night (if you come down late at night you might be asked who you are). During the competition each 18 will have an allocated position in the rigging area. The 18s

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