Laser for sale

203794 – David Johnson has moved and can no longer keep his laser. He is selling “PEB” with 4.7, radial and standard rigs. Choose your own adventure!

Further details-       All three rigs and sails (4.7, Radial x 2 sails and Standard)-       4.7 bottom section-       Radial bottom section-       Standard bottom Section-       Boom-       Battens-       Used 4.7 sail-       Used Radial sails x 2 (good condition)-       Used standard sail (good condition)-       Rudder and tiller-       Centreboard-       Upgraded racing cunningham-       All cleats, pulleys, straps, lines, ropes, etc-       Just rig and go!-       (Dolly not included)Contact David on 0404 636 800 or

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