Learn To Run A Race (LTRAR)

The club has implemented a Learn To Run A Race program over winter in an effort to increase the number of members at the club who are competent to run races, and thus to improve the quality of our race management year round.  Thanks to all the participants and instructors who have volunteered to make this possible!  We plan to continue this program year round.Matt Knight has designed an easy-to-use guide for PROs, covering course setting, race management and results recording – this is available in separate documents here.  It is important that all LTRAR participants (and instructors) read this guide and learn it BEFORE they turn up for their rostered training session.  We encourage all members to read these documents and learn them, whether you are experienced or not.  Thank you for your commitment to this – it is an important initiative for the club.The PRO Instructor and LTRAR participants need

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