Member survey results – community

From our Commodore, Steven LondonThis is the second of 6 weekly instalments playing back the findings and insights of the Membership survey we ran earlier this year.100% of respondents told us that the club community was ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important – with this comment from one member summing up that sentiment, “I also observe excellent camaraderie between sailors, particularly on the deck after racing, and that more than anything else is the spirit of DBSC.”We also asked you about more specific social activities we hold throughout the year – including the Annual General Party, the Christmas Party, Club Championship BBQs, Regatta weekend aways, Season Open Dinner, club picnic, ski weekend, family and friends day, and general inclusiveness.Skiing weekends rated very little interest across the board…  showing a single-minded focus on sailing!There was reasonable interest in the Season Opening Dinner, club picnic, and to a lesser extent, family and friends day

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