Member survey results – racing

From our Commodore, Steven London…This will be the first of 6 weekly instalments playing back the findings and insights of the Membership survey we ran earlier this year.Unsurprisingly, 96% of members rated ‘racing’ as very or extremely important. We also asked you about more specific elements of racing – including race management, fleet competitiveness, fleet size, twilight sailing, winter racing series, and a potential ‘green fleet’… And this is what you told us:·The introduction of a ‘green fleet’ was generally not supported, with the majority saying they had no strong feeling either way.There was good interest in twilight sailing, and to a lesser extent, the winter racing series… with the majority of respondents saying they were ‘interested’ or ‘very interested’.Race Management, Fleet Competitiveness and Fleet Size – are what really matters to our members – and where our focus should be. With regard to race management, volunteers found it difficult and

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