Members Helping Out

A quick thank you to the many members who do their part in helping keep DBSC a well-run, all-volunteer organization.  We know that so many of you volunteer week in and week out, and it’s much appreciated.Two special mentions this week. Jim Dounis gave us a list of things after his recent COTD duties, and he also fixed them – new tackle reels, missing anchor c-clamp … all sourced, purchased, and installed.  Separately, Daryl Lawrence decided (unasked) to purchase a glass polishing kit and to donate his time and the kit to polish the badly scratched front windscreen of the Jazzman. He had noticed the scratches, and he made the decision to do something about it.  Thanks to Jim, Daryl, and the many others who do their part — taking ownership of problems and fixing them unasked. It’s actions like these that make DBSC the amazing place it is. 

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