More Traveling Fun in 19/20

With the overwhelming success and positive feedback from last weekend, we’re already looking forward to next year’s State Masters Championship on 8th-9th February 2020. The regatta will take place at Lake Jindabyne, which is a fun location with options for group accommodation and things to do at night (other than stretching exhausted TFLs and going to bed!). We want to get a big contingent to that regatta in the lead up to the Masters Nationals (13th-18th March 2020) and Masters Worlds (19th -28th March 2020) at Geelong. So, mark the dates on your calendar now! In the meantime, there are several local and regional regattas coming up as set out below. We will coordinate attendance, transport and accommodation as needed for each of these as they approach.

Next Season’s State Laser Highlights.

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