New Paul Adam (and Bergman) Critical Operating Instructions

As flagged in last week’s newsletter, there are six important notes in relation to use of the RIBs – these will be added to all the other instructions in the COTD Guide.  PLEASE READ THESE CAREFULLY:1. No Propeller Guard The new Paul Adam has no propeller guard at this stage, due to availability.  One will be installed in due course, but in the meantime please exercise EXTREME CAUTION when operating the boat around people in the water, or when in the water around the boat.  This is a CRITICAL SAFETY WARNING

There is NO prop guard on the Paul Adam.

2. Insert and Remove BungThe Paul Adam has a bung at the back that MUST BE REINSERTED BEFORE LAUNCH or the boat will flood and sink!  And it must be REMOVED AFTER RETRIEVAL otherwise the boat

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