Oh, what a night!

On Friday the club held our annual general party.Proceedings began with the Annual General Meeting, the last under Commodore Cox! Andrew has served on the club’s committee for the past ten years – five as treasurer and five as commodore.In his farewell speech, he reflected upon the successes and strategy for the club over the past five years, which included on the key elements that drive our success. Andrew left the club with four requests for ownersRead and respond – if you’re reading this newsletter, you’ve passed the first test!Act like an owner – the club belongs to all of us, and we should behave that wayVolunteer to volunteer – we need all of your help (contact Kirk Marcolina to volunteerEngage, engage, engage – it takes all of us to be the world’s best laser club!Andrew thanked the club, its members and volunteers and for their support, and acknowledged his

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