Private Dollies

We published an article a few weeks ago asking people to identify and claim their personal dollies, otherwise those dollies would be deemed donated to the club.  We did not receive many responses!We have attached again the private dolly register HERE and ask that people review this and confirm to the Dolly Auditor, Mark Gray, by email here if any dollies in the register are theirs.  Note there are four private stackable dollies in one image labelled 18A-18D – please review these too.We have also not received communication from the owner of the heavy dolly made from steel pipe shown at item 15.  This dolly needs to be removed from the club as it is incompatible with the racks.  We have another member who has volunteered to remove it and, if we do not hear from its owner, it will be deemed abandoned and will be removed by that other member.There are several

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