Protecting Heads and Hands

Hard capsIn strong breezes such as week’s, booms present a hazard to our heads.  Helmets help, but they tend to be bulky and uncomfortable. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sailing in a Booma cap. Its got a hard liner to protect your noggin, but it fits and looks like a normal baseball cap.  These caps are currently being sold on Amazon, but they can do a better bulk deal for DBSC sailors at $25 per cap. Ideally they get purchased in bulk and they will be delivered directly. One drawback is they come in only one size, so it is not suitable for people with large heads (but it fits mine fine and I suggest it’s ok for 95% of us). It comes in every colour you can imagine, so long as your imagination is limited to blue. If you are interested, email and I’ll pass the list to Phil

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