Race report 15 May 2022

Our PRO on the day, Andrew Cox, reports:On Sunday, we had another excellent turnout of 30 boats for races 4, 5, and 6 in our combined Winter Championship and Winter Point Score series. It was a beautiful warm day for this time of year, which made it easier than usual to get out of bed. But, this also meant a less reliable westerly breeze than normal.Our on-water race management team of Andrew Cox, Mark Lewkovitz, Diana Chen, Andrea Kraus, and Tim Heath had their work cut out for them. After carefully laying the westerly course before the briefing, they discovered upon returning to the water that the breeze had shifted left 90 degrees. After waiting what seemed an appropriate length of time, they hurried to reset the course in time for the start, only to find, as the first boats arrived for the start, that the wind had flipped back

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