Race report 16 April 2022

RACE REPORT SATURDAY 16 APRIL 2022On Saturday the club held the last of its LTR sessions led by Martin White and ably assisted by Pat Levy, Steven London and Peter Collie.With the breeze from the west dying at lunchtime, racers stayed back in the clubhouse for an extra half an hour after the briefing, enjoying toasties made by Rod Barnes, Jules Hall and Tim Heath. In Shirley and Paul’s absence, it’s rumoured that a rogue jar of jalapeno peppers made it into the mix (someone has been reading the 60 seconds segment).Once the breeze began to fill in again, attendees headed out the club’s inaugural Easter Hunt, designed by Rod Barnes, in what can only be described as a “light but hopeful east-nor-easter” or “better than rain’. Facilitated by PRO Justin Davey, LTRAR Finn Kirk, COTD John Conroy on the Jazzman and Co-COTD John Vasey accompanied by LTR enthusiast Amanda,

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