Race report 29 May 2022

Our PRO on the day, Christine Patton, reports:After a series of wet Sunday mornings in this Winter Championship Sunday dawned dry and relatively warm with a gentle Westerly (with a touch of South) breeze already blowing.    All pretty much predicted by Richard George in last week’s report. Three clean races got off without recall or restart in a steady 14 knot oscillating wind gusting to 18 knots. Firstly, hats off to the newer and/or rusty sailors who joined the fleet today.   The day started as a perfect day for such sailors but by the end of the day we saw several white laser bottoms around the bay, but everyone persisted, including a very wet David Evenden determined to finish the last race.  Thanks to Richard Au and Owen Kenny in the RIB keeping the course square and the sailors safe. In the Standard rigs Alex Bijkerk clinched the day with

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