Rack Reshuffle

It is time for one of our mid-season rack reshuffles.  The new rack plan is displayed on the noticeboard with people whose boats have moved highlighted in yellow.  We have also moved the name tags next to the racks to reflect the new positions. On Saturday, could you please check the noticeboard and the name tag next to your rack spot?  We would like everyone’s assistance with lifting boats after sailing to make the reshuffle as easy as possible.  Please make sure all gear that is on a rack is moved with the boat to the new rack. If you are unable to be at the club on Saturday, can you please ensure that all your gear is labelled with your name to avoid loss!A reminder that our rack allocation policy is based on sailing and volunteering – the more you do both of these, the lower your boat will be.  It is that simple.  If you are

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