Rubbish bins

The rubbish collection services at the club are not council services, yet commercial collection paid for by the club. We aim to minimise waste to landfill and maximise recycling.Members are reminded there are three bins for waste disposal.The red top bin is for non-recyclable waste (to landfill).The blue top bin is for refundable container deposit items. Refundable items in the blue top bin must have readable barcodes. Please do not crush cans and bottles as this renders the barcode unreadable and we do not get the container deposits returned to us.  Coffee cups, milk cartons should not go in the blue top. However Up and Go paper contains now attract the deposit refund, so can go in the blue top. Do not contaminate cans and bottles in the blue top by putting paper towels in them. The yellow top bin is for other recyclable waste such as paper/cardboard, hard plastic

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