Rule of the Month — The Top Mark

By Brett BeyerEditor’s note:We were excited to receive an email via our website from the International Laser Class Association, which is a subscriber to our newsletter. ILCA saw Brett Beyer’s last Rule of the Month article, and asked for permission to re-publish it in their global newsletter. With Brett’s kind permission, this has now occurred, along with a blurb about Brett and DBSC. You can read it HERE. It is worth another read to get the start rules down pat!This month, we have another excellent article from Brett, this time about that next great source of contention — the top mark. Here it is …The top mark is a hotspot for rule infringements.While most of the yelling and bumping rarely results in a penalty turn (even with a jury present), care needs to be taken because the consequences of a penalty turn or two during a chaotic rounding situation can be a massive distance penalty.The

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