Shipwrecked at Season Opening Dinner

Being shipwrecked was never so much fun. Last Friday the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club was transformed into Gilligan’s Island for the third annual Season Opening Sailors’ and Volunteers’ Dinner. Attended by over 30 well-dressed members who enjoyed flowing drinks and a delicious meal, the night was a huge success. Thanks to Clare Alexander and Peter Collie for organizing the fun and games for the evening, which included sailing themed charades and a photo booth fit for The Skipper, Gilligan and their mates. 

There were heaps of great Gilligan’s Island themed outfits, from the obscure (Andrew, wasn’t that volleyball from Cast Away?) to the stunning (who was that glamorous Ginger who greeted us?). Coming out on top to win best dressed were Vic Whitby as a stunning Mrs. ‘Luvvy’ Howle and Kirk Marcolina as a bumbling Gilligan (can anyone say

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