This weekend

This weekend we have sprint racing at the club as there is an away regatta – the Laser Metropolitan Championships are up at RPAYC. (More information here.)The 18’ skiffs are also holding the J.J. Giltinan Regatta at the club from Thursday 3rd to 13th March. There are likely to be 18s in the park all week. There are likely to be boats and their respective crews doing repairs in the evening, and overnight security, so if you’re dropping in the club out of hours, you might find more company than usual.Given the rain, the state of the harbour, the condition of the boat park and the 18’ skiff event, we have decided to suspend the Clean Up Australia Day activities at the club this weekend. We will schedule an alternative event in the near future. DBSC has a long standing commitment to CUAD and more broadly sustainability, and we continue to encourage our membership to keep the

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