Top Tip – Mainsheet Management

Last week a member asked for tips on avoiding mainsheet mayhem. Thanks to our Champion Martin White who has come through with these ideas:No rope is perfect, but selecting the right rope and giving it the right care helps.A) The right rope: I use Rooster Polilite 7mm (blue coloured).  For myself, and most Masters sailors, the Polilite 6mm (yellow) is only good for less than 10knots only – you’d need great grip strength to play it effectively in medium to strong breezes.  Don’t simply copy the full time young Laser professionals who sail every day – they usually use the 6mm.Rooster mainsheet rope is designed with a load bearing heavier outer to reduce the problems of twist.  There is plenty written about this online.  It’s made of polypropylene which is light and absorbs little water.B) Care: With the mainsheet tied off in the boat, take it for a walk before sailing. This purpose is

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