Transportation to Nationals and Worlds

If you are attending either The Masters Nationals or Worlds, it’s imperative that you attend the whiteboard session taking place after sailing on Saturday. At the session, we’ll work out transport for these events.  If you can’t make it on Saturday, can you please email Ian Alexander HERE in advance and let him know:Are you planning to tow your own trailer?If so, have you already agreed to take anyone else’s boat on your trailer (and, if so, who)?If you are towing your own trailer, how many spaces (if any) do you have available for others (in addition to your own boat and in addition to any other boat you have already agreed to take)?Does your trailer require stackable dollies and (if so) how many do you need (including your own boat and any others you have agreed to take or are willing to take)?Do you have a towbar and are you

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