Updated Sailing Instructions

Our Sailing Instructions have been updated and are available online. Being among the best laser sailing clubs in the world, it’s important that we are all familiar with our rules of engagement.There have been some changes to our Sailing Instructions for the winter series including:Winter Championship starts will be a single 5-minute countdown for all fleets, with 4.7s and Radials starting (together) after 3 minutes, and Standards starting after 5 minutesThe Winter Championship will include both scratch and handicapped scoring each weekCoaching on the course is no longer permitted (this does not affect the BBWP as advertised)The PRO guide and the COTD instructions have also been updated to reflect these changes.The discard rules have also changed for ALL our racing series (year-round) as follows:6-8 races = 1 drop9-11 races = 2 drops12-14 races = 3 drops15-16 races = 4 drops17-19 races = 5 drops20-22 races = 6 drops23-25 races = 7 drops26-28 races = 8 drops29-30 races = 9

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