Use of the club

DBSC is a community club and highly visible to the public. It is therefore fundamental that we not only follow the public health orders, but that we are also seen to be following the public health orders.We note that, sadly, the majority of our members are not permitted to attend the club at all within the current restrictions. We look forward to welcoming everyone back again soon!For those lucky enough to be able to attend the club for exercise within their permitted 5km radius it is really important you respect the guidelines that have been provided to ensure access to the club may continue. In particular:You may only exercise only in groups of twoONLY TWO BOATS ARE TO BE VISIBLE in the vicinity of the club at any time; this includes in the entrance to the club, in the park, on the beach and in the shallow water near the clubIf there are already two boats in the vicinity of the club, you must wait until they have either launched or been

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