Wednesday twilight sailing

Besides providing critical midweek salt water therapy, the twilight program will help all sailors with boat handling. Short, sharp races with boats in close quarters.  We aim to splash about 5pm and hold multiple quick races until there’s no one left. You’ll be very welcome if you can’t get there until 6pm. We’ve found we are better locating to the north of Clarke Island because the CYCA racers start at the mouth of Double Bay and also use the Point Piper YA mark in their course. So, you’ll typically find us using the naval mooring (white can) off Clarke Island as one buoy.  We’ll nominate another buoy as the other mark. It could be the top or bottom depending on the breeze. We use rabbit starts to get racing underway. Someone is volunteered to be the rabbit and they move below the bottom mark. When everyone else is settled, the rabbit signals they

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