What To Do With Your Old Kit

In an effort to stop old wetsuits and sails going to landfill, Geoff Kirk has done some research on recycling and repurposing and we have some solutions for members. If you’ve used your time off the water to sort out storage and/or stocktake your sailing gear and have wetsuits and sails you no longer want here’s what to do…Unwanted SailsGive your unwanted sails to Geoff Kirk. He will sort them, giving Martin White first dibs on the best of these to use for Learn to Race. We’ll then try to resell any half decent ones on consignment and the rest will be sent for recycling / repurposing.Wetsuits (not suitable for sailing any more)Geoff is going to leave a tub for the wetsuits in the vestibule between the changing rooms. He will then take them for recycling. Or you can recycle these at Patagonia or Rip Curl yourself. Wetsuits (still suitable for

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