60 seconds with David Huber

How old were you when you first stepped on a boat? I travelled to England when I was 1. No memory of it, but photo below. First sailed with my parents on a teak sailing boat which had been built in Hong Kong and was sailed to Australia in 1879 (or so I was told). Sabots when aged 7 If money (and sailing ability) were no limit, what boat would you buy?Cruising boat. An Amel 54 would do nicelyWhat is your ultimate sailing goal?No goals other than sailing a little better each time I go outTell us the story behind the name of your Laser?It doesn’t have a name. Just a number – no reason.If you could add any ingredient to DBSC’s world’s best toasties – what would it be?Avocado and chilli jam. Not sure that anything would truly improve them thoughWhat are your second/third favourite hobbies (assuming sailing is

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